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Welcome to PSI Ninja's totally rad web page!

Hello all, this is where I'll host my SMW and SMBX creations, and other miscellaneous stuff.

Recent news

2021-06-29: Submitted my first ZZT board to Zinfandel's Make a Neat ZZT Board Contest-Jam Type Thing, Cat Trap.

2021-05-16: Added a raocow quotes web page, and a Talkhaus Sites webring.

2021-05-01: Submitted my second SMW level to Super Mario World Central's 2021 Old-School Level Design Contest, Coasting Redwoods.

2021-04-25: Uploaded my first SMW level ever, Running Shell. Check it out!

2021-04-24: I created this totally rad web page!

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raocow stuff

My collection of raocow quotes.

I tracked raocow's ASMT deaths (demos) for his 2010 and 2021 LPs.

More raocow stuff...

Latest Super Mario World stuff

Level #2: Coasting Redwoods

Level #1: Running Shell

More SMW stuff...

Latest Super Mario Bros. X stuff

More SMBX stuff...

??? Other stuff

ZZT board #1: Cat Trap

More stuff...

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