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raocow quotes for the soul

Since 2013, I've kept a log of all the things raocow said in his videos that I liked for whatever reason. Here are some of the quotes that I still thought were good years later, and some newer ones too. Enjoy!

Man, ghosts were really lonely before phones were invented.

Ghost Trick - 2 - today I was a projector and startled a man (2021-08-04)

Go in girl mode, we're gonna destroy the world. Look at that, almost all in one swell foop.

Zwei!! - 27 - sky dangerous (2021-05-12)

Shadow: For what purpose do I exist?"
raocow: "Oh, many purposes, Shadow. The main one is marketing.

All the Shadows - 701 - i finally found a jungle i like!!! (2021-04-22)

Just bursting forward, with the speed of a squirrel that was caught on fire.

All the Shadows - 698 - ridin' down the canyon (2021-04-19)

There I use the ancient art of just... go.

MaGLX3 - 25 - adjective: Direful (2021-05-03)

Not gonna lie, I think I'm gonna miss having guns in future Sonics.

All the Shadows - 692 - make your mother mad (2021-04-13)

Are there people who fanfiction of like, real people around them? That just seems weird. I don't wanna think about that.

Evil Zone - 3 - the edge (2021-04-01)

All right, what are you taking- my owl?! You're... that's not even the best card on the board. You're just purposefully going after my heart. Like, that's really rude.

SK King of Cards - 20 - inuit: the snow folk (2021-03-18)

See? Shadow just does whatever people tell him. You can just, like, if you meet him on the road, you can just say "Hey Shadow, could you go and buy me, like, a box of 20 McNuggets, McDonald's is like, right over there", he's just gonna do it.

All the Shadows - 649 - they came from outer space (2021-02-28)

No Amy, don't kill the rabbit! I will kill the rabbit!

All the Sonics - 497 - liquid beach (2020-09-29)

I always thought that Jeopardy, the whole like, what's the question, like I always felt that the whole concept fell flat. Cause like if I ask you what is macaroni, and you give me as an answer, food that rhymes with pepperoni, like I'm going to be extremely, extremely disappointed, and I would... with the answer, and I would assume that you're making fun of me.

Donkey Kong Land 3 - 6 - scones (2020-10-01)

Minkys were advertised. Minkys... are not there.

Donkey Kong Land 3 - 4 - beef wellington (2020-09-29)

I'm opening batch files and .exe files live on recording here. I'm trusting you guys.

cyber digital advent - 16 - if you are fond of learning, you will soon be full of learning (2020-12-16)

You have to press button on the note block. You can't just hold the button like good Mario games.

ascetic mario 3 - 1 - lBG9oK7ChTw (2020-11-13)

If you want a sprite that despawns real easily, the moveable hole is a good way to go. Like, I guess it's a little ironic, because technically speaking it is nothing.

vldcx - 38 - [stasis] (2020-05-21)

Maybe not having Yoshi's gonna be a boon.

zVIP 6 - 17 - either kid dracula or kirby (2020-05-18)

The computer is absolutely the absolute opposite of anything that you could confuse for anything resembling anything that could imitate the notion of the imagination of the concept of fun.

All the Sonics - 326 - let old mother nature have her way (2020-04-06)

Knuckles is an old man now, yelling at clouds and coughing everywhere, and Sonic, not keeping his social distancing there, just being right in his face.

All the Sonics - 317 - sky's the limit (2020-03-28)

(singing) Gonna go to McDonald's and eat things that might have once been maybe chicken.

Yoshi's Archipelago - 2 - green hills with a lake in it (2020-10-10)

Stretchy Mona, represent.

zVIP 6 - 1 - snow country (2020-05-02)

The door is still wide open to, you know, reopen AtMM in the future. But for now, Mega Man canonically died in an ice skating competition against Air Man. Pretty weird end. I just, strange decision, but I respect the audacity.

AtMM One-Shot - END OF SEASON 1 - Red Bull Gives Rockman Wings ! - only angels have wings (2019-05-21)

Sega will make you cry for a robot... years before Pixar did it.

All the Sonics - 304 - zygo alpha disko beta (2020-03-15)

You see, he was born by himself. He didn't even have a mom. He just materialized.

All the Sonics - 293 - 6 (2020-03-03)

You don't speak English. Maybe that's why she's so quiet. She just says 'Cat Crime' without knowing what it means.

A Hat in Time - 6 - millisecond (2020-01-06)

They're all the same food group according to Kirby: food.

Kirby 64 - 7 - tuna fishing (advanced state) (2019-12-21)

Sure, Wilhelm scream, or at the very least, something really close. That's how you know we're dealing with quality.

Crash Bandicoot 2 - 15 - the future is best (2019-12-04)

One of those blocks is clearly Luigi that has been transformed into a block and is trying to scream to us for help, but we're just choosing not to listen. This is the life we have taken.

Super "Mario" World "2" - 2 - two-legged featherless animal (2019-12-06)

All right, so just get up here, and salute the wind. That sounds like a metaphor for passing gas, but it's not.

VLDC 11 - 30th and 29th - faux geeky composer 7.21% (2019-11-18)

Oh, it's this song again. I recognize 'cause of the usage of... bird.

VLDC 11 - 45th and 44th - advent toes 64 (2019-11-10)

And a big wooden stake that pops out of nowhere, going "Hey, wanna check out my Caillou collection?", and I'm like, what? Who would be interested by that, seriously?

VLDC 11 - 54th and one 52th - ribby's rooky visit (2019-11-06)

Oh my gosh, we're in the opposite world! All right, I rarely get to play in Australia.

VLDC 11 - both 58ths and the 57th - er, try coffing junkman afro perms (2019-11-04)

Poor Rose, just dangling like... like a cat that just gave up.

A Rose in the Twilight - 2 - more red (2019-11-04)

Ever since they buried the dolphins inside the earth, the world has become a lot more peaceful.

VLDC 11 - 89th to 87th - yow! skeptical fox executed cobra bet!! (2019-10-22)

He's bleeding in... console Samurai Shodown.

Iconoclasts - 21 - breaker (2019-10-22)

I just realized that fuel tank is huge, and, I don't know, there's like dolphins jumping right close. It just takes one particularly daring dolphin, and a pretty nasty explosion can happen.

All the Sonics - 138 - harmony of the spheres 2 (2019-10-13)

(Bounces on an enemy.) You're so delectably squishy. I love you.

Iconoclasts - 15 - shower valve socket (2019-10-16)

Good times... bad times... (finds a bed to sleep on) bed time...

Iconoclasts - 6 - church key (2019-10-07)

Amy's outfit is way more detailed than Sonic and Tails, who are naked.

All the Sanics - Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld - 106 - lone palm (2019-09-11)

Let this be my elegy for human error.

Donkey Kong Country 2 - 10 - sporebuck (2019-08-19)

What is Mario doing? Oh! He's holding binoculars! Like, I thought he was sitting on the ground and standing up at the same time. And I was like, what? When did Mario and Luigi turn Cubist?

Superstar Saga - 35 - egg (2019-07-11)

Mole, it's not that I hate you, it's that I love to live.

VB Wario Land - 5 - kickstart watermelon (2019-06-20)

Everyone, tell me I'm great, please! I need that ego boost.

Star Fox - 9 - nonagon (2019-05-27)

And here's Demo, ruining souls.

JUMP ½ - 11 - world trigger (2019-05-02)

Patty cake, patty cake, make me scream. Show me the nightmare between my dream.

Copy Kitty FINAL - 31 - cavitation cannon (2019-03-12)

I can't read Japanese. I think it's not a real language. Yeah, you can decode it, but it was all created in a lab to look neat.

GrAPE - December 11th - applicable DVD specifications (2018-12-11)

It's a big ol' empty room. You gotta have some of those, otherwise it's just not a true Bethesda experience.

RosenkreuzStilette - 7 - oh, gull sulk (2018-11-22)

Wind and Yoku together at last, here on the Mickey Mouse Club, where your dreams don't really exist.

RosenkreuzStilette - 3 - material (2018-11-18)

This guy's name is so weird cause it's three. Is he like, from a rich family or something? Those people have lots of names.

All the MegaMen - 372 (2018-07-15)

These are the things you gotta think about, when you're thinking about things you wanna think about.

Super Mario Doomsday - 23 - shoot the moon (2018-06-09)

I never watch what I eat. I just slam my face into a table and chew the wood itself!

Super Mario Doomsday - 14 - peaceful death from the sky (2018-05-31)

A lot of people has lived on planet Earth. Some would say, a slight majority of people, even.

Wario Land II - 44 - spear the spear (2018-05-09)

Ribbon was born ready. That's pretty cool. I was born crying.

RabiRibi - 9 - double decker (2018-04-27)

It's exactly the same as soccer, except that instead of kicking a ball, you kick your soul.

Wario Land II - 20 - anyone for b-ball (2018-04-15)

Arbitrary-chan, I just don't think we should date anymore.

Hyper VI - 49 - Bowser Stage Fortress (6 stars) (right, parts 2, 3 and 4) (2018-03-02)

(reacting to Bowie Knife gift) Look, if a moose attacks my apartment, now I can say that I'm ready.

GUrP - December 21st - many things (2017-12-21)

Ori and the Blind Forest is the game that rewards you with sadness.

Ori - 13 - yosuzume (2017-10-31)

When most people jump on a grasshopper's back, it dies.

All the MegaMen - 61 - international bright young thing (2017-10-19)

This game is a championship edition of design.

All the MegaMen - 45 - sonic boom (2017-10-03)

Truly, it's a dark day for belly dancing.

Mario and Waluigi - 5 - still life (2017-08-03)

I want some of that umami in my face!

MegaMari - 12 - the short one (2017-04-11)

That guy, he got knocked down. It's the opposite of getting pregnant.

Luigi's Adventure OSE - 5 - why is that jump so hard? (2017-05-25)

I died at the end multiple times. You know, just to really add that moe factor that I felt was missing from my videos.

RttC again - 14 - the art of not seeing anything (2017-05-13)

The moles just like to go ahead and kiss all the time. It's pretty weird. Stop it please, you're outside, there's a grass everywhere.

RttC (again) - 3 - a textbox or two (2017-05-02)

I've committed my fair share of genocides, but I feel like sometimes an enemy is just too beautiful for it to be worth it.

Hypnosis Redo - 6 - a woman shouts 'Ah, you went right into my trap!' to a small animal (2017-04-25)

I wonder if there's a person out there, a regular human, who likes the Mario games for the combat.

ASPE - 16 - PARADISE FLYING (2017-03-23)

The world is now fair and Spanish-speaking.

SMWCX - 20 - indoors (2016-09-08)

Berry chainsaw... delicious, but deadly.

magl3 - 24 - fauskec (2016-11-26)

You don't know at first glance, necessarily, if a thing's gonna hurt you, or cartoon hurt you.

Wario Land 4 - 7 - recyclable (2016-08-04)

Infected by nostril technology. If you got the sniffles, will you come with me?

MaGLX2 - 110 - need for speed (2015-10-18)

I'm practicing for AGDQ 2017. I'm gonna play my speedrun of MaGLX2.

MaGLX2 - 41 - the mass of Morton's minions (2015-08-10)

I do not like this conga line here... this conga donut.

Startropics - 11 - water town (2015-07-24)

We live in an age where a whole bunch of people I have never known, know exactly what I'm referring to when I state that Donatello does machines.

Soldexus - 9 - gregorian chant of technocracy (2015-06-22)

Then I get to go inside a bush! Ew, well, let's not comment on that.

Vanilla Contest 8 - 27 - secret dimension... (2015-06-04)

And, he didn't run away! Whoah, this is like, a good horse! It's good quality horse meat.

Something else - 27 - 1 (one) quality horse (2014-12-07)

Don't say the "h" word, or else Santa Claus is not gonna give you coal. You're gonna be cold this winter.

Valdis Story - 02 - Phanuel; or welcome to albino town (2014-10-18)

I don't need that life, I can live without it.

a2xt - 39 - it's APOCALYPSE TIME (2014-10-01)

The footage was forever lost in the Great Tempest of 1399, the price of a regular tempest.

a2mt - 60 - oh nooo......!?~ (2014-08-01)

100% of all scientists have died at some point at the end of their life. Remember that, anyone who considers entering a life of science.

a2mt - 27 - oh so higher turbo (2014-06-29)

I've been playing the turbo space-mode endurance land on my own time from time to time, but sometimes I wonder if it would be the time to time some time-a-time. To you know, time time t-time time time time time time t-time time time time time buying time time time.

let's all things (2014-05-19)

Okay, we just have to see the naked guy. Yoshi just can't stop himself.

YI:FL - 4 - everything vs anything (2014-05-17)

I just had this weird feeling like I was speaking, but I wasn't the source of it.

MaGL X - 36 - octoplus (2014-04-13)

I'm probably dying from exposure to a thousand, million, different microbes and bacterium and virus and whatnot. But you know what they say, just laugh it off, and it'll all be fine.

Variety of Chance - 7 - aimless journey to the abandoned station (2013-10-27)

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